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DYPS-G Seriyası Ağır Boru Kırıcı

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DYPS-G series heavy pipe shredder can crush middle diameter pipe directly without shredding in advance.

The specially designed pipe feeding hopper, the entering pipe and the crusher rotor forms a specific angle, to achieve the best crushing effect. The box body is designed with a third row of fixed knives, which can be used to change the first cutting point of the crushed material. For materials with high strength and large volume, the impact force can be reduced, and the possibility of rotary knife being blocked by the material can also be avoided. Special steel and strong welding process ensure product quality. The special design of the knife holder and rotor can meet the crushing requirements of all kinds of pipes, profiles, films, sheets, and bulk solid materials. It has wide versatility, economy, practicality, simple opera- tion and durability.


modelYem ağız ölçüsüƏsas Motor GücüRotor bıçağıSabit bıçaqRotor çapıBuraxılış
DYPS-G700310 × 3003764Φ500450
DYPS-G800360 × 350556/106Φ600650
DYPS-G1200510 × 50075-11010/146Φ700850
DYPS-G1200650 × 650110-16014/186Φ8001200


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